Taylor Comments on Passage of Abortion Ban Bill

Published On: July 30th, 2022Categories: Caucus, Greg Taylor

INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement after the supermajority’s abortion ban bill passed out of the Senate:

“The supermajority’s hypocrisy and lack of compassion was on full display this entire week, and it’s abundantly clear that their policy to ban abortion is about control and not life.

“Amendment after amendment by my caucus was voted down on Thursday. Amendments to provide women with mental health and maternal support, my amendments to ensure victims of rape and incest had more time to access an abortion, efforts to provide benefits from time of conception—all rejected by this supermajority as we get ready to enter a reality where forced-birth is the law of the land. In a state that’s already failing women and families. Nothing that I’ve seen this week has been ‘pro-life.’

“With this legislation, Republicans are taking critical health care from women and forcing everyone to live by views they can’t get straight in their own minds. That’s clear when they vote against providing benefits from time of conception, or implantation, even though that’s supposed to align with their views. I guess life only begins at conception when they want to force women and girls to give birth. Unfortunately, that seems to change when it’s time to provide her with benefits throughout her pregnancy.

“What Republicans in the Senate have done today is reprehensible, and I will continue fighting for women and Hoosiers for the rest of this special session and beyond. I pray to God that members in the House find more compassion and love in their heart than what was shown by the Senate and kill this dangerous bill.”

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