Tallian’s sand dredging bill signed by governor

INDIANAPOLIS –Yesterday, Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 178 was signed into law by the governor, after receiving unanimous support in both chambers of the legislature this session. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) authored the legislation to address sand erosion on Indiana’s beaches along the Lake Michigan shore. 

“I’m glad our state is making an effort to provide proper care for our beautiful beaches,” Sen. Tallian said. “The beaches of Northwest Indiana are an important asset to our state, and I’m thankful the governor acknowledged that by signing this bill.”

“The bill will help protect the ecological diversity of the lakeshore as well as safeguard our beaches for residents and tourists in the Region.” 

SEA 178 requires that any sand dredged from Lake Michigan under a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources may only be deposited on the beach of Lake Michigan. Providing sand to sand-starved beaches is referred to as “beach nourishment,” and is required to maintain the natural beach and protective offshore sand bar system. The provisions in the bill will take effect on July 1, 2018.

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