Senate Democrats respond to State of the State Address

Published On: January 10th, 2018Categories: Caucus
On Tuesday, Governor Eric Holcomb presented his view of the State of Indiana in his second State of the State Address. Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) provided the following comments in a press conference with House Democratic Leader Terry Goodin (D-Austin) immediately after the speech:

“I heard no mention of legislative redistricting reforms, giving people a larger and more equitable voice in the election process. I didn’t hear any urgency from the governor about protecting children in DCS. There was no mention of Indiana finally passing meaningful hate crime legislation, a bill supported by 64% of Hoosiers. No financial commitment for desperately needed resources to treat the opioid crisis plaguing rural, urban and suburban communities. I did not hear of a real plan to address stagnant wages of working Hoosiers. These are issues that resonate with people all across Indiana, and issues we should be dealing with. Because I didn’t hear leadership on these crucial problems, the governor’s address missed the mark.”

Watch the entire press conference here!
Other members of the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus shared their response to the governor’s comments through Facebook videos recorded live after the speech. In case you missed it, here are their responses:
State Senator Karen Tallian
State Senator Jean Breaux
State Senator Frank Mrvan
State Senator Lonnie Randolph
State Senator Greg Taylor
State Senator Eddie Melton
State Senator David Niezgodski

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