Niezgodski letter: Sen. Donnelly, an advocate for Hoosier Farmers

As a previous member of the Indiana House of Representatives and currently an Indiana Senator, I have represented farmers in St. Joseph County for a dozen years. I hear every single day about the struggles facing farmers in Indiana. From high input costs to low market prices, the men and women who produce the food and the fuel that power our lives are under pressure to make ends meet.

That’s why I’m thankful for the renewable fuels industry that has increased demand for the corn and soybeans our farmers grow while producing cleaner burning, renewable fuels right here in Indiana. One of those plants, South Bend Ethanol, is in my district. It uses over 10 million bushels of locally grown corn each year. Aside from providing food, local corn is used by South Bend Ethanol produces 65 million gallons of ethanol; a cleaner burning fuel additive that reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

This plant, and 13 others like it in our state, provide good-paying jobs with great benefits to match. Small rural towns see greater economic growth because of increased local tax revenue. Corporate oil companies are trying to put our local farmers and the ethanol industry out of business by ending the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which requires ethanol be blended into gasoline.

I’m proud to work alongside Senator Joe Donnelly because he has been a leading voice in support of our farmers and the RFS. I hope Senator Todd Young and the rest of our Congressional delegation will join Senator Donnelly in his diligent protection of our farmers.

David Niezgodski
Indiana State Senator
Senate District 10

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