Niezgodski: Gaming bill unfairly targets South Bend

INDIANAPOLIS –House Bill (HB) 1350 was approved by the Senate in a vote of 28-20 on Thursday. HB 1350 pertains to taxation on gaming, specifically dealing with casinos and riverboats across Indiana. 

HB 1350, authored by Representative Todd Huston (D-Fishers), would change the way in which casinos and riverboats are taxed. Currently, a $3 admission tax is charged every time a patron enters a casino. HB 1350 would change this to a three-percent tax on adjusted gross receipts. The sum of these taxes would still be appropriated across the state, but with an exception of South Bend.

“Under this new legislation, certain cities and counties would benefit, but other ones would most definitely not,” State Senator David Niezgodski (D-South Bend) said. “Most specifically, this bill is punitive to the city of South Bend.”

HB 1350 includes an amendment that would preclude South Bend from receiving its share of collected casino taxes. South Bend will be home to a new casino owned by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indian Tribe, making it a private entity. HB 1350 says that because of this, South Bend will derive benefit from a local agreement between the city and the Tribe and therefore does not need the tax allocations from Indiana casinos.

“The time will soon arrive where in ‘good faith’ Governor Holcomb and the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi will form a compact,” Sen. Niezgodski said. “This compact will determine a long lasting relationship between the State of Indiana and the Tribe. Prior to this compact, any discussion concerning South Bend and future fiscal appropriations is premature and is ill-placed within HB 1350.”

HB 1350 made it out of the House in a vote of 74-22 and now that it has passed the Senate, and could become eligible for conference committee beginning next week.


Sen. Niezgodski represents Indiana Senate District 10 which includes the cities of South Bend and Mishawaka, as well as the University of Notre Dame. For more information on Sen. Niezgodski’s legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit

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