Ford call to action against voter suppression

INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Bill (SB) 560 will be considered in conference committee next week. This bill limits the ability to petition the extension of election polling hours to county election boards, and only if there is a unanimous vote of the entire board membership. State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) had the following comments on final negotiations of the proposal:

“SB 560 legalizes voter suppression, plain and simple. We just saw in multiple counties this past election where polls were closed, hours into Election Day. If this bill becomes law, it will just create another layer of bureaucracy before a voter can petition before a judge. It would be much more difficult for a Hoosier voter or candidate to ask for solutions for Election Day problems. I urge every Hoosier to contact their legislators and demand that any voter suppression language get stripped out of this bill.”

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